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Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

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Texas Tykes is happy to offer Laser Dentistry for soft tissue procedures such as frenectomies and ulcers.


What is a Frenectomy?


A Frenectomy is simply the removal of connective tissue (called the frenum) from under the tongue or the upper gums.


Parents and patients choose Frenectomies for a range of reasons, and at various ages.


In infants, both lingual and maxillary ties can cause problems with breastfeeding and potentially bottle-feeding. Symptoms of a possible tongue-tie or lip-tie in a newborn are: prolonged breastfeeding, difficulty latching onto the breast (causing sore nipples on the mother), and excessive gassiness. More and more, parents are opting for a safe, fast-healing Frenectomy to help their babies establish a good seal while eating.


In other patients, Frenectomies can be a solution to eating or speech issues.


When a Frenectomy is needed correct a Lip or Tongue-tie in infants that can't latch on to nurse, the laser is the best option. There is no need for a scalpel or stitches. It just feels a little scratchy during the procedure. No pain! Please ask Dr. Jaime and her team for more information on Laser Dentistry.


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